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Hi there! I'm walid .

 I’m graphic designer.

This is why I named my shop ‘Neetboxx’. 

I first started with making printables for new mums, which was more about having some fun doing something I love.

So I moved on to create a printable and digital planner that I would help get my home life and work organised.

As I delved myself more into understanding digital planning, I was completely convinced that the ease of getting organized and productive with a digital planner can really be a game-changer for anyone, whether it was someone wearing a mum hat like me or a professional who needed a bit more structure and organisation in their lives, or someone who just wanted that perfect work-life balance. Since then, I became obsessively passionate about creating digital planners that are not just atheistically pleasing but also practically useful.

Over the last couple of years, creating digital planners has not only helped me develop my organizational skills, but has sharpened my design skills as well. I couldn’t be more grateful to people who appreciate my work and the time I put into creating these designs. Neetboxx was originally created for Show my skills to everyone, but has now evolved beyond that.

I hope everyone can eventually find their own ‘Neetboxx’….

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